We have created a new digital
Experience for the fast food retail.
We have created
a new digital experience
for the fast food retail.

What we did?

Product Design, Motion Design, User Experience, Brand Design

Hungry? Welcome home

Dlivr is a new mobile app for fast food delivery that does not only looks great, but is easy to use and enables brands to engage with their customers in new and exciting ways.

What's been done?
How can we make it better?

Before jumping to create a new product, we like doing a comprehensive exploration of what's been out there when it comes to delightful experiences, something we call evolution mapping.

The French term Roulette means “little wheel” or “small wheel”. In Minami’s terms, the Roulette is a wheel where the denominator is Creativity and Team work.

Make it flow baby!

After brainstorming many ideas using our rulette, we set out to create a user flow that delivered the best possible experience for both the user and the business.


Colors everywhere

An optimal user experience is just the entry ticket, we knew that to succeed we also needed a beautiful and unique user interface, so we made it.


Dlivr UI Icons
Dlivr UI Icons

Colour Palette

Deal Meat UI Card
Play Button
Ingredients UI
Badges UI
Navigation Menu
Card Salads UI
Card UI Rewards
Card UI Melas
Car UI Items

It's all about you

Dlivr gives each person an unique experience, do you feel like having something light? you rather go for something powerful? we have you covered.


Details, details... delight!

In a world full of boring food ordering apps, we know the way forward is giving our users a fun, engaging, and delightful product. Why in hell wouldn't we do that?

Waiting can be fun

What's worst than riding a bike with no pedals?
Why not give users a game to relief the pain of waiting, and perhaps offer them some great discounts for their next purchase at the same time.

Good design tells a story

We turn our storytelling game up to create a video to show the result of our work in a fresh and attractive way, go ahead and check out the result below. Getting hungry?

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We helped the largest fast-food chain transform their online ordering experience from alright to delightful.