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Navigator allows you to identify which parts of your business could be enhanced

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01 — Our proposal

Save months of work, in just a couple of weeks

Navigator is designed for you to obtain insights quickly without distracting your team from what they do best.

02 — Deliverable

More than just an opinion,
A clear and actionable plan.

You will not only receive feedback from someone who says to be an expert. With Navigator you will discover your opportunities and you will receive a clear action plan so as to take advantage of them.


A complete experience map

We present you a complete map of your clients’ experience in every channel, highlighting opportunity areas and suggesting improvements.


An intelligent work plan

You will receive a clear work plan, organized accordingly to your business objectives and priorities.

Which are the uses of Navigator?

Identifying problems of usability that generate withdrawals.

Locating untapped business opportunities.

Finding opportunities that could increase user registration.

Discovering new ways of engagement with your users.

03 — Process

A. Kick Off

Together we check your business and user objectives and we define the approach of the exploration.

B. Exploration

We investigate the environment of your product or service, guiding it to the best user experience posible.

C. Presentation

We present you our discoveries with a set of precise recommendations and a clear and prioritized action plan.

Restore your business course.

Navigator could help you keep growing.

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  • Increase your conversion rate and ROI following a defined action plan.

  • Identify wich problems are blocking your conversions on your website or mobile app.

  • Get ahead of your competitors by understanding your clients future needs.

  • Facilitate your team to think over and detect new opportunities.

Navigator is a service from Minami


Minami is a creative firm focused in ideating and designing unique solutions, developed to reshape our clients businesses based on a deep understanding of human aspects.

Our team

Erik Yañez

Innovation Lead

Daniel Priego

Customer Success Lead

Noel Priego

Digital Strategy Lead

Facundo Gonzalez

Design Lead

Jorge Rodriguez

Development Lead

Francisco Rivarola

Storytelling Lead

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    Buenos Aires

    Esmeralda 950 CABA, AR

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    Sao Paulo

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